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Slim Ways Wellness specializes in non-surgical body contouring. We use ultrasound technology to permanently remove stubborn fat and cellulite.

Cavi-Lipo is completely safe and customized according to your needs. Learn more about this exciting new treatment and how it can give you the figure of your dreams!

Slim Ways Wellness is the right way to scale down and feel your best. Not only do we use the most advanced technology in ultrasound equipment, but our certified technicians provide the ultimate in customer care and satisfaction. To ensure our clients have the best experience possible, our team is built upon extensive knowledge, in-depth training, and a caring approach to patient management.

Each of our body contouring treatments includes Whole Body Vibration (WBV) therapy. This advanced technology is an effective weight loss solution and ideal for people looking for optimal results with minimal effort. Vibration therapy gives you the equivalent of an hour-long workout in only 10 minutes.

The extra boost you need to get the body you want! Drop a dress size or fit into your favorite pair of jeans today!


  • Abdomen

    Lose fat, tighten tissue and nourish the skin.

  • Arms

    Minimize excess skin that appears full and hangs underneath biceps.

  • Breasts

    Enhance breast contours and appearances.

  • Buttocks

    Eliminate fat and unwanted dimples in the buttocks.

  • Chin & Neck

    Smooth and tone the skin below and near the face.

  • Lower Back

    Shed those extra inches that sit around the waist and on the hips.

  • Thighs

    Get rid of thigh fat and cellulite and firm loose skin on the legs.

  • Knees

    Reduce fat deposits and firm up the skin around the inner knees.

Feel How Good Slim Can Look

Your road to a happier, healthier you begins with us. Slim Ways Wellness is Northern Utah’s premier provider of body contouring services. Our non-surgical procedures are some of the most convenient and effective ways to reach your personal shape goals. From stubborn fat dissolution and cellulite reduction to skin toning and wrinkle elimination, our techniques leave you feeling nothing but rejuvenated and looking fit.

The skinny on this new technology is that it permanently destroys fat and produces measurable results in one visit. All procedures are safe, non-invasive and guaranteed to work. Each client receives a customized treatment plan that is tailored to fit his/her lifestyle. We carefully monitor each step of the process through comprehensive oversight and ongoing evaluation. So for the times in life where diet and exercise fall short, let us give you the extra help you need.

It’s as easy as scheduling a FREE consultation—Take the first step towards creating a new you by calling us today (801) 251-7546!

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